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Learn How to Weave

Aamos offer two weaving workshops

Three hour, half day workshops and six hour, all day workshops.

Both workshops can be tailored to suit one or two people and teach the basics of weaving and are held in Emma's studio at her home in Burra, Shetland.

Courses can also be tailored for beginners or for more experienced weavers. Emma can share with you basic weaving techniques as well as some more unusual woven structure

Courses are flexible and can be tailored to your requirements and time constraints.

Courses can only be booked up to three months ahead and subject to my availability.

For further information and to tailor a course to your requirements please contact Emma using the booking forms below and she will get in touch to confirm your booking.

Weaving workshops also make the perfect gift, contact me to purchase a gift voucher for a course and we can agree on a date later.

Unwrapping Gift Box

Online Gift Card

Not sure what to get them, we have a selection of online gift cards available to spend on our online shop or weaving workshops

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